Tuesday, January 16, 2018

DESE: How Do We Know Initiative

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Office of Research and Planning hosts a How Do We Know Initiative: Using, Building and Sharing Evidence to Improve Student Outcomes.  The site supports educators in understanding and identifying evidence-based interventions, how to evaluate the efficacy of interventions, and how to monitor implementation.

One of the resources available on this site is a link to the Iris Center.  This center provides guidance, including videos, on collecting data and monitoring implementation of programs and interventions.

Friday, January 12, 2018

November MCAS Re-test Scores Available Soon

  • January 12: November retest scores available in DropBox Central in ESE's Security Portal and composition images available on MCAS Service Center
  • January 18November retest rosters available in DropBox Central in ESE's Security Portal
  • January 22: November retest reports available in Edwin Analytics
  • February 15: November retest parent/guardian reports arrive in districts

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

RADAR Reports

Resource Reallocation and District Action Reports (RADAR) is a set of tools and reports from ESE that gives district leaders more and better data about how their spending and use of resources compares to state averages, similar districts, neighboring districts, and ESE-recommended practices. The RADAR Benchmarking tool allows users to compare up to 10 districts on a variety of measures, including per pupil expenditures, full-time equivalent staff per 100 students, and special education enrollment and staffing. Users can also look at five years of change in a district's enrollment, performance, staffing and finance, all on one page. 

A second view in this report includes guiding questions designed to support district, school, and community leaders who want to review data together and form a shared understanding of trends affecting planning and budgeting. Districts should be sure to download the file periodically so that they have the most current version (the most recent update was December 6). Comments and questions can be addressed to radar@doe.mass.edu.