Thursday, February 15, 2018

MCAS 2018 Resources

Practice tests are now available on the MCAS Resource Center website.  Additionally, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has released ELA rubrics for grades 3-8 for both the short response and essays.

Test designs for 2018 grades 3-8 and 10, and 2019 grade 10 are also available in ELA and math, as well as a 2018 student tutorial for students completing the online assessments. 

The Department will be administering surveys to schools after the grades 3–8 CBT administration as well as the grade 10 CBT field test. Schools are encouraged to document their experiences throughout test administration to later provide that input in the surveys. Instructions for accessing the surveys will be provided in the spring. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Spotlight on Turnaround Practices Resources: Videos

MA DESE Office of School and District Turnaround's website provides several videos highlighting Turnaround Practices in action.  Staff and leadership from Achievement Gain schools share their own Turnaround Practices stories.  Viewing guides are included with each video link.