Thursday, January 20, 2011

November Retest, Oct 1 SIMS in EDW

The MCAS November Retest results are now available in the EDW in the following reports: 

R-610 Student Test Results
R-613 Student MCAS History
R-616 Test Item Analysis Roster
R-617 Student MCAS Roster

These reports are located in Public Folders > ESE MCAS Reports. PDF student rosters reports were also placed in each school’s MCAS 2010 dropbox.

DESE does not provide aggregate school, district or state retest results so any EDW report that includes aggregate data will not have the 2010 November Retest prompt option.
In addition, the reports in Public Folders > ESE Enrollment and Indicators have been updated to display data from the October 1, 2010 SIMS collection

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New CD Data Available from DESE

DESE has released student-level 2010 Competency Determination data for students enrolled in grades 10-12 in your district. The data reflect MCAS and MCAS-Alt results through the spring 2010 tests and MCAS Performance Appeals through November 18, 2010.

The data files can be found at DropBox Central in the ESE Security Portal for those personnel who have the MCAS DropBox security role (assigned by your district's Directory Administrator).

For additional information, please see the January 11th Commissioner's Update.