Thursday, December 22, 2011

Creating Student Growth Rosters for Instructional Groups

If you would like to create an MCAS student roster report with growth data for a selected group of students (e.g. classroom, course, intervention group), you can do so in the MA Education Data Warehouse (EDW). The G-602 Student Growth Roster, in the older EDW, provides three years of MCAS performance data (scaled score) and the most recent student growth percentile (SGP) for each student for both Mathematics and ELA. The report also provides a median SGP for the group, if there are 20 or more students with SGPs in the group.

I collaborated with my Southeast DSAC colleague to develop this guide to explain how to create these rosters using an external student list with SASIDs. Here's a quote from a happy Southeast DSAC customer: 
"Our secretary was able to get 3 years instructional groups for me with state IDs. The reports are soooooo easy to do and save!!! You saved me tons of time. I am very excited."

If you'd like assistance with this, please contact me at

Happy Holidays, and Happy Rostering!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MCAS Trend Data by Strand and Topic Available in EDW Cube Views

If you want to explore MCAS results by strand and/or topic, there are two relevant cube views available in the old/legacy EDW (the Data Warehouse listed first in the security portal). You can find them by navigating to Public Folders >ESE Cubes >Starting Points (Cube Views) >Cube Views Contributed by District Users.

The first, MCAS % Correct by Strand and Topic Trend 2011 PGO, presents the percent correct by grade, content area, strand and topic for 2006-2011, for any selected district, school, student group, and includes the gap from the state percent correct. If you filter for a particular group of students (e.g. LEP), the state data represents that group as well. The color coding is set to: Green = 10% points or more above the state, Yellow = 10% to 15% points below the state, and Red = 15% or more below the state. You can change the color-coding criteria and other settings, and save as your own cube view to your own folder or your district/school folder. See my post from exactly one year ago today for details on how to do this and other basic cube information.

The second, MCAS Weighting by Strand and Topic Trend 2011 PGO, presents the weighting each strand and topic had by grade over the same time period. This is useful in conjunction with the first cube to identify priority areas for further exploration.

Please let me know if you find these cube views useful and how you have used the data in your school or district. I will compile responses (anonymous if you'd prefer) and share on the blog!