Friday, June 29, 2012

Preliminary MCAS 2012 in EDW 3.0

The following EDW 3.0 reports are now available with preliminary MCAS 2012 data:

District-Level Reports
  • MCAS District Results by Subgroup (PE304)
  • MCAS District Results by Strand and Topic (CU306)
  • MCAS District Test Item Analysis Summary (IT301)
  • MCAS District Test Item Analysis  Graph (IT302)
School-Level Reports
  • MCAS School Results by Subgroup (PE404)
  • MCAS Detailed School Performance (PE408) and its drillthrough 
  • MCAS School Results by Strand and Topic (CU406) 
  • MCAS School Test Item Analysis Summary (IT401) 
  • MCAS School Test Item Analysis  Graph (IT402)
Student-Level Reports
  • Assessment Detail (Individual Student)(PE606)
  • Assessment History Summary (Individual Student)(PE613)
  • MCAS Student Item Analysis Roster (IT616)
  • MCAS Student Roster (All Subjects)( PE617)
  • MCAS Student Growth Scatter Plot (GR601) (ELA only)
  • MCAS Student Growth Roster (GR602) (ELA only)
See the bottom of the “EDW Home” tab within the EDW for additional features and functionality that have been added to the EDW 3.0.

Monday, June 4, 2012

MCAS and MEPA Data Release - Upcoming Dates!

DESE recently announced the upcoming data release dates for preliminary 2012 MCAS data  and for spring 2012 MEPA data.

Preliminary 2012 MCAS Data:
  • June 22nd - Excel data files and school roster reports with preliminary student results to Dropbox Central.
  • June 29th - Preliminary school and district reports to Dropbox Central.
  • June 29th - Selected EDW reports posted.
See the Commissioner's May 21st memo for more details.

Spring 2012 MEPA Data:
  • June 7th - Parent/Guardian reports received by schools via UPS.
  • June 7th - Various data reports posted to
  • June 25th - Student data file with 2011 and 2012 MEPA and MCAS scores will be posted at the Department's Security Portal.
More details on the MEPA release can be found here.