Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MCAS/Accountability Data Release Schedule

Yesterday’s Commissioner’s Update included a memo with the latest MCAS and accountability data release schedule. 
Here is a brief synopsis of the upcoming August dates. Please read the complete memo and schedule for details and for September dates.

Aug. 6th -MCAS preliminary student results for all spring 2012 tests through Dropbox Central. MCAS discrepancy reporting window opens.
Aug. 6th (2:30pm) and 7th (10:00am) - MCAS and accountability reporting teleconferences
Aug. 10th - MCAS discrepancy reporting window closes
Aug. 10th - Preliminary district and school MCAS summary reports for Mathematics and STE in EDW
Mid-Aug. - Preliminary 2012 district and school accountability data, including accountability and assistance levels and 2009–2012 Progress and Performance Index (PPI) data, provided electronically to superintendents and principals.