Thursday, September 20, 2012

2012 MCAS and Accountability Data in Profiles

The 2012 MCAS and Accountability information for Massachusetts public schools and districts is now available through the School and District Profiles page on the ESE Web site. (

The easiest way to find a school or district is by using the "Quick Search" box in the upper left corner of the Profiles page. After clicking the name of the desired school or district, the "Assessment" tab will provide information about MCAS performance and growth for 2012 (as well as prior years). The "Accountability" tab will provide information about the school/district accountability/assistance level and the data behind the PPI calculations.

For detailed information about the calculation of PPI and the new accountability system, please refer to the About the Data page link in the accountability reports as well as the Interpretive Materials, including the School Leader's Guide to the 2012 Accountability Determinations. Of particular value in the Guide are the Level explanations on page 5, and the PPI breakdown on page 10. There is also a downloadable Excel file with the summary accountability information for all schools and districts in the state.

Please let me know if you have questions regarding the data ( Of course you may also contact DESE at or 781-338-3550.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Accountability Documentation Posted

DESE has posted on the public website several documents that may help you to understand and explain the state accountability system:
  1. School Leader's Guide to the 2012 Accountability Determinations (9/4/12 update)
  2. Summary of Changes to Annual Accountability Determinations as a result of Massachusetts' Approved ESEA/NCLB Flexibility Waiver
  3. District & School Accountability & Assistance Levels & Required Actions
  4. Methodology for Identifying Level 3 Schools, Level 3 "Focus Schools", & Level 4 Schools
  5. Glossary of 2012 Accountability Reporting Terms
As I'm sure you know by now (see last week's post), preliminary data was posted last week, DESE's webinars concluded today, and it is expected that the accountability data will be released to the public next week. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Preliminary Accountability Data Available

DESE released preliminary school and district accountability data via the Department’s Security Portal yesterday. The data include preliminary 2012-13 school and district accountability and assistance levels and Progress and Performance Index (PPI) data for 2009-2012. DESE states “to avoid public dissemination of potentially erroneous and misleading information, please maintain the confidentiality of these data and use them only for internal review and planning purposes”.  The Department anticipates releasing official data in mid-September.

Within the DESE Security Portal, district staff with the security role "Accountability (District Level)" will see a “2012 Accountability Data” application and will have access to all accountability data for their district. School staff with the security role "Accountability (School Level)" will see for their school only. If you need assistance accessing data in the Security Portal, please speak with the Directory Administrator in your district, as he/she is responsible for assigning access. 

Beginning this school year, accountability reporting has changed significantly as a result of Massachusetts' approved ESEA/NCLB flexibility waiver. Detailed documentation related to the accountability reporting is available via each school and district preliminary data page. DESE will also run three webinars next week (Tues. 9/11 at 10am, Wed. 9/12 at 12noon, and Thur. 9/13 at 3pm) to provide an overview of the preliminary accountability data and answer questions.