Thursday, December 6, 2012

EDW Updates!

The following information was shared during yesterday’s “EDW User Group” webinar, along with the accompanying slides. See the bottom of this post to learn how you too can be part of the user group and hear this information first-hand!

Additional Data Now Available
With the addition of the 2011-12 End-of-Year Student Course Schedule data and EPIMS data:

1. The Classroom reports now have two years of data available. These reports currently include:
  • Classroom Item Analysis Roster (IT516)                         
  • Classroom Results by Standard (PE506)
  • Performance and Growth by Teacher (PE520)

These reports are only available to users who have been assigned the "DW-Evaluator" role. ESE has developed guidance around assigning this role, available on the "Home" tab within the EDW. 

2. The Student Profile report (PR600) now displays two years of course data for the selected student(s).

Additional Functionality
1. The ability to view your data either by the  “old” MA2004 standards or by the new Common Core standards has been added to the Student Assessment Detail report (PE606) and the Student Item Analysis Roster report (IT616), bringing the total to six EDW reports with this option (the Test Item Analysis Summary reports (IT301/IT401) and the Results by Strand and Topic reports (CU306/CU406) already had this option). This option will soon be added to the Classroom Item Analysis Roster (IT516) and the Classroom Results by Standard report (PE506).

2. The Student Assessment Detail report (PE606), which previously printed one page per student, now has the option for a roster display (list of many students on one page).

3. The Growth Distribution reports (GR302/GR402) now have an option to display multiple years of data for a particular grade level for trend analysis.

1. The EDW Team at DESE holds webinars twice a month (1st Wed at 11am, 3rd Wed at 2pm) to share information regarding new features and data in the EDW. Participants have an opportunity to share comments, questions and/or suggestions. To join the listserve and receive reminders about these webinars, please see the bottom of the EDW home page.

2. The supported browsers for the EDW are Internet Explorer and Firefox. You may experience issues with other browsers, as I did last week when I tried to run the cubes using Google Chrome. See, even I forget sometimes! It is expected that at some point in the future Safari and Chrome will also be supported.

3. The old EDW (v2.6) will be put out to pasture after this month (i.e. no longer available). Is anyone still using the old version???