Friday, February 1, 2013

EDW now Edwin Analytics!

This just in...the Education Data Warehouse is now Edwin Analytics! Here's the announcement from DESE: 

"As of today, the Education Data Warehouse (EDW) can be accessed through the Edwin Analytics link on the ESE's Security Portal.

Edwin Analytics is accessible using the EDW login roles. These roles should be assigned to district and school users in accordance with the rules set forth in the Department's Data Access Policy for the EDW.

Edwin Analytics includes:
  • All EDW state data (MCAS, Growth, SIMS, EPIMS, SCS) and all personal content saved to a users' 'My Folders', district, and school folders.
  • Six new Early Warning Indicator System (EWIS) and Postsecondary Outcomes reports located on the District, School, and Student tabs. (The same 5 district and school level reports are on the District and School tabs and one student level report is on the Student tab.)
Contact for Support:
  • For access to Edwin Analytics, contact your district's Directory Administrator (DA). If you already have access to the EDW, you automatically have access to Edwin Analytics and the specific reports available for your level of access.
  • For technical support questions, please contact the Data Warehouse Contact person in your district. A list can be found at Profiles: People Search and choose Data Warehouse Contact in the 'Function' dropdown.
  • If you are the district's Data Warehouse contact and need additional technical support, contact the EDW team at or 781-338-6820.
  • For data issues including analysis, please contact the team responsible for data content:
  • For general Edwin questions, please contact"