Thursday, April 4, 2013


I posted earlier about PPI webinars hosted by DESE in May. I have since learned that the webinar is targeted for Charter, ELT and Innovation Schools due to aspects specific to their performance-based accountability structures. ESE anticipates holding additional trainings on PPI and the new accountability/assistance leveling system later this spring or summer that will be broadly available to all public schools and districts. In order to minimize confusion, DESE staff will clear the registration system of all current registrants and ask that you re-register if these trainings are still appropriate for you. If you did register, you probably already received an email with a very similar message directly from DESE.

My apologies for any confusion this may have caused!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Edwin Analytics Updates

The following information was shared today in DESE's Edwin Analytics webinar.

1. February Biology results are now available (as of 3/25) in the following student-level reports:

  • Student Profile Report (PR600)
  • Assessment History Summary (PE613)
  • Assessment Detail (PE606)
  • Student Item Analysis Report (IT616)
  • MCAS Student Roster (PE617)

2. Competency Determination status updates are now available  (as of 3/25) in the following student-level reports:
  • Student Profile Report (PR600)
  • Assessment History Summary (PE613)
  • Student CD Roster (PE618)

3. March Retest data will be available in mid-late April.

4. The Edwin Analytics team is seeking feedback on the new EWIS and Postsecondary Reports. Please share any feedback you may have with me (and I will pass along) or directly with the Edwin team (

5. Internet Explorer 10 is NOT compatible with Cognos. If you use IE and upgraded to 10, there are steps you can take to revert back to IE 9. Please contact me for more information.

Two other updates shared related to data and technology: 

  • You can find ESE’s School Interoperability Framework (SIF) updates, past newsletters and other materials on the SIF site
  • DESE is planning a state-wide IT directors meeting in Andover on May 16th. The purpose of this meeting to build collaboration among IT directors. More information will be coming.