Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 MCAS/Accountability Data Released

As you probably know by now, ESE publicly released (see the press release) the official 2013 school and district MCAS and accountability results. The data are available in a several places:
  • The ESE accountability site now includes an Excel file with level/PPI information for all districts and schools by region, as well as commendation school information   This page also contains a variety of support documents around school and district accountability, including some short informative videos about the accountability system, PPI, and percentiles.
  • Edwin Analytics reports in the Security Portal have been updated with the 2013 official data.  CD status reports have been updated as well. There is also a NEW report, MCAS Achievement and Growth by Classroom (GR501) that provides a scatter plot of achievement (%Proficient or Higher) and growth (Median SGP) for course sections. This report, like other classroom reports, is available only to those users with the Educator Evaluator role. The MCAS cube will be available in about a week.
  • The files in the Dropbox within the security portal have been updated, although the large file with the detailed accountability data is not yet available (with the results, target, PPI points, etc for each indicator, for each of the 4 years). 

Please let me know if you have any questions!