Friday, December 6, 2013

"Edwin is the man."

When it rains, it pours…at least with the GBDSAC Data blog this week. But when I hear that “Edwin is the man” I can’t resist. This quote comes from a blog post from The Data Quality Campaign (DQC). DQC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, national advocacy organization based in Washington, DC, and they sing the praises of Edwin.  In the post, there is also a reference to a video piece about EWIS, featuring several MA district and school staff. Time is a precious commodity but if you have a few minutes as the week winds down, check it out!

Coincidentally, I also learned this week about this jam-packed graphic from the DQC folks about data use, inviting you to “Follow one teacher, Ms. Bullen, and one of her students, Joey, through the school year to see how data help teachers, parents, and others make sure students are meeting education goals.”

Thanks DQC!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Edwin Analytics Update

Here is a summary of yesterday's ESE Edwin Analytics User Group WebEx*:        

Teacher Access - As presented at the Edwin Workshops in November, ESE is doing a "soft" rollout of teacher access to Edwin Analytics. 
  • At this point, access is available only to those participants of the workshops, but districts can email the Edwin Analytics team to request access if they did not go to a workshop. The security role is "Global Access Teacher" and should NOT be assigned in combination with any other Edwin Analytics role. 
  • There are three reports available to teachers. They are also available to administrators with the "Evaluator" role. They can be found on the Students, Staff & Classroom tab, then click on "Classroom" in the blue/gray horizontal bar.
  • Teachers can view the data for last year's students, and for two years prior. At this point, teachers can not run the reports for their current students, but eventually that will be available for districts that have implemented SIF. Manual student claiming does not include updates to teacher reports for current students.

Wida/ACCESS reports - You can now run these reports for your "claimed" students, i.e. those currently enrolled, IF your district submits claim files. 

Local assessments data uploads - ESE is revisiting the idea of allowing districts to upload local assessment data, particularly data from "off-the-shelf" assessments. 

New User Guide - This will be posted any day now, along with a new Security & Access Guide. 

Housekeeping - ESE is retiring the remaining references to Education Data Warehouse, EDW and DW. The new email address is (the old one still works). Security role names have changed (e.g., DW 211 School User is now Edwin Analytics School Administrator). 

Cubes - A basic demonstration of the cube functionality was provided. 

The Edwin Analytics User Group WebEx is held the first Wednesday of the month at 11a.m. and the third Wednesday of the month at 2p.m. ESE sends email reminders to several lists including the Edwin Analytics Contacts as identified in Directory Administration and to subscribers of the EDWusers email list.

To subscribe to the EDWusers list:
Please send an email to
with the following text—and only this text—in the body of the message:
(**The subject line is ignored!**)
subscribe listname your_full_name(e.g., subscribe edwusers john smith).

Monday, December 2, 2013

District and School Report Cards with New Overview Page

In case you have not yet noticed, ESE released last month, as part of the District and School Report cards, a new two-page overview to convey useful information about a school's students and staff in an efficient, user-friendly format. The "Overview" page connects a variety of questions to the data, including:
  • How is our school doing overall?
  • How does our school's achievement over time compare to the district and the state?
  • How does our school's growth compare to the district and the state?
  • How does our school's enrollment compare to the district and the state?
  • How do our school's teachers and classrooms compare to the district and the state?
  • How is our school doing on other important measures?
The new overview was part of a redesign based on feedback from a number of stakeholders, including district staff and parents. The annual report cards are available in the Profiles section of the ESE web site, on the Accountability tab (see the link in the left-side column) for any given school or district. A Report Card search box has been added to the main Profiles page as well. For additional information and guidance around the report cards (distribution requirements, etc), please visit