Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MCAS Analysis for Grade-Level Teams

As you likely know by now, full preliminary MCAS results are scheduled to be available next week, on August 7th, in the MCAS Dropbox and in Edwin Analytics. These data are embargoed until the official release in mid-September, so that means the data CANNOT be released to the public or discussed in public meetings prior to the official release. As noted in the most recent Student Assessment Update, "principals and school officials should use these preliminary results to verify the accuracy of student information and student test status data, and to identify potential discrepancies to report to the Department."

There are a lot of data reports in Edwin Analytics, and it may be overwhelming at times to figure out how best to proceed, especially with limited time available for analysis. With the caveat that the results are preliminary, I thought it would be helpful to post some suggestions for MCAS analysis that have been received positively in our work with several schools. The MCAS Analysis for Grade-Level Teams outlines a few activities to get teams started reviewing the aggregate results as well as the curriculum and item analysis results (the template is at the end of the document). Please use if you think it will be helpful to you and your teams!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Student & Staff Feedback Resources

ESE recently posted a variety of materials to support districts and schools in incorporating student and staff feedback in the educator evaluation system, as required in the upcoming school year. Resources include: 

  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Detailed guidance (Part VIII: Using Staff & Student Feedback in the Evaluation Process)
  • Model feedback surveys (districts have the option to adopt, adapt, or use their own instruments to collect feedback) with administration protocols and discussion prompts
  • Considerations for Collective Bargaining
  • Report & Recommendation on the Use of Parent Feedback in Educator Evaluation
  • ESE Survey Pilot Project Summary

These are resources to review and consider, but districts have the flexibility to determine feedback instruments (not limited to surveys), administration protocols, and processes for integrating feedback into the evaluation cycle.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ESE Student Assessment Update

Here is the latest verbatim "Student Assessment Update" from ESE, with a lot of important dates and information. 

July Conference Call Sessions for Districts Considering PARCC Computer-based Testing
The Department is holding conference call sessions on July 22 and 23 to give initial guidance to districts that have chosen or are considering choosing PARCC computer-based testing in spring 2015. Please visit for more information. If your school will participate in or may participate in PARCC computer-based testing, contact your superintendent to learn more about your district plans to register for one of the conference calls.

MCAS/PARCC Choice Decisions by District
The Department has released a list of districts that responded to the MCAS/PARCC assessment choice survey by the early decision deadline (June 30, 2014). The list, posted at, indicates each district’s choice of MCAS or PARCC testing for spring 2015.

Multiple-Choice Results Interpretive Guide
A Multiple-Choice Results Interpretive Guide for Mathematics and Grades 5 and 8 STE is now available in DropBox Central in the Department’s ESE Security Portal – Drop Box central – MCAS 2014 Data folder. The interpretive guide provides guidance in interpreting preliminary multiple-choice results.

MCAS-Alt Score Appeals 
Principals will receive MCAS-Alt score appeal results by regular mail no later than July 31.

MCAS Reporting and Accountability Teleconferences
Registration for the upcoming reporting teleconferences on August 7 and 8 will open on July 17. During the teleconferences, Department staff will share important information regarding the spring 2014 MCAS test results, and participants will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Important Upcoming Dates
·         July 17Registration opens for the MCAS Reporting and Accountability teleconferences
·         July 22 and 23: PARCC computer-based testing conference call sessions
·         July 31: Principals receive MCAS-Alt score appeal results
·         August 7 and 8: MCAS Reporting and Accountability teleconferences